P365 DAY 350 – DECEMBER 16TH 2008

Thomas enjoying the Japanese delicacy “Natto” – fermented soy beans. Every few months we make the trek out to the west side of town so we can shop at the Japanese grocery store. It’s a chance to pick up the food we loved while we were living over there, like good Ramen, Japanese pickle and Saba (Mackeral that we salt and grill). They have food from other countries as well so we make sure we also stock up on Indian curry pastes, shrimp crackers (or prawn crackers) and even Milo from Australia.

The downside to the trip? Natto. I tried to avoid being the foreign cliche because the Japanese are very proud of their natto – and the fact that foreigners generally can’t stand it. I really wanted to like it but the smell and the texture and the trails of gooeyness that come with it are just too much to bear.

Lucky for me, Thomas is a fan. Now that’s one food I won’t be serving up. That one’s all daddy.

And before I go – the snowy photo from today. Stay tuned folks. You’ll see a dramatic decline in the weather over the next few posts.

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