Christmas. The Gifts Are Done.

How did Christmas sneak up on me so fast? It’s not fair to have Thanksgiving as a floating holiday. If it was on a set date I would be prepared, but having it just four weeks before Christmas this year, totally threw me.

So…I am a little late with printing my scrapbook. It’s supposed to arrive late next week and then I have to ship one copy to Australia and one to Japan. Mail was fast last year, but not sure if it was that fast.

Nevertheless, here are the final products. The scrapbook is going to my mother and mother-in-law and the baby book is a gift for Samuel (and myself).

Stories of 2008

Samuel Baby Book

I used the Paislee Press Happy as a Lark album for the baby book. It was such a quick and easy solution as I love the results. Such a modern, simple design.

I am also avoiding the scrapbook page guilt this year – you know, the feeling you get when you don’t scrap every great photo you have? In addition to my scrapbook, I am printing a photo book with the results of my photo-a-day project. Of course that won’t be printed until next year so I can get through December. So far I’ve uploaded and organized photos through the end of October but I still ahve to go back and add text to some of the pages. That’s where my blog posts are going to come in handy. 🙂

I have one additional treat for my family (also photo related) but that one’s going to have to wait until after christmas on the off chance one of my brothers drops by this blog.

Off to wait patiently for the mailman.



Dreams…and Facebook

No, not the kind where you aspire for something great. The kind where you are having intermittent sleep thanks to a sick baby and your brain heads off into very strange places during the few moments of shut eye.

Last night I dreamed about my ex boyfriend’s family. My ex boyfriend died many years ago and I actually kept in touch with his dad and step mum for a few years after the event. I have not thought about them for a very long time so it was weird when I had a dream that they were on Facebook – yes, Facebook. So of course this morning I wasted a good hour or two looking them up on Facebook. The 7 year old sister is now in college (class of ’10!!) and it was so weird to see her as an adult.

Of course this little trip down memory lane led me to look up a few other people from my past – specifically a group of guys from high school. These were my boyfriend’s friends but became mine due to the fact that I spent every hour of the day with my boyfriend – watching them play video games, hanging out and drinking, smoking pot… yes, I did it a couple of times but it made me so antisocial and stuck in my own head that I didn’t partake very often. And it was much more acceptable in Australia than it is in the US.

It was interesting to find out little tidbits of information about these people – at least two are living in London, another has a child in his profile picture – but the big question is this… Do I open that door and invite them to be my friends? Do I want these people, who I have not spoken to in about 12 years, to have access to information about my life right now?

I am so completely different from who I was (my last name alone will mean a detailed message in my invite) but I am happy with where I am right now. And there’s part of me that wants to share that with people who knew me when I was a teenager. There’s also a very nosy part of me that wants to know what everyone else is doing. Is this person married? Did that person do what they thought they would?

I don’t know… Anyone else had good or bad experiences linking up with people through Facebook?