P365 DAY 329 – NOVEMBER 25th 2008

I am so glad to have our playroom back now that we are all sleeping upstairs (the playroom closet is another matter). The only problem now? Navigating the chaos. We have to do some serious organizing in this room – especially now that Samuel looks as though he could become mobile any minute. Who would have thought three year olds could have so many tiny little toys that babies would just LOVE to suck on?

P365 DAY 328 – NOVEMBER 24th 2008

My first piece of Christmas decorating. I bought my Eucalyptus wreath again this year. My little piece of Australian Christmas in Portland. The irony is that I probably couldn’t buy a Eucalyptus wreath in Australia if I wanted to. We plan to buy the Christmas tree this weekend and I already have an eager volunteer waiting to help me hang the ornaments.