P365 DAY 338 – DECEMBER 4th 2008

Thomas really “gets” Christmas this year. He understands the concept of Santa and, thanks to the old “Santa Clause is Coming to Town” movie, Thomas now knows everything there is to know about the man in red. (and Kei is totally cashing in on the “Santa doesn’t bring presents for naughty boys” thing). 

A couple of days ago he showed me the contraption in the photo above. It’s the bottom half of his Duplo helicopter which has a pulley attached underneath. Now it’s a sleigh, with Santa sitting on top and a “reindeer” pulling it through the sky. Genius. As a result we’ve been playing “Santa” for the past week or so. A welcome change from The Wiggles.

The only downside is that a regular present delivery schedule has left toys spread all over the house.