P365 DAY 334 – NOVEMBER 30TH 2008

Another weekend and another birthday party (how did we get so many friends with children?). This time it was Garrett’s first birthday which meant a lot of kids squeezed into a small playing area = chaos.

Of course there were presents – LOTS of presents. I didn’t have the heart to tell Brenda (Garrett’s Mother) that he probably won’t play with half of them. There’s such a thing as too many toys. Over stimulation. We gave Garrett a book – it’s become my thing. People expect a book from the Ishidas now.

Our friends Corey and Jen were there – the same people from Thanksgiving a couple of days before. It was the perfect opportunity to retrieve all the items we had left at their house when we were there for dinner. Forgetting things has also become my thing.

It was difficult to truly capture the chaos of many toddlers and babies on a small rectangle of carpet with my 50mm lens – but I tried. You’ll have to take my word for it.