P365 DAY 353 – DECEMBER 19TH 2008

How happy is this guy? All you have to do is look at him and smile and this is what you get in return. I hope he stays this happy throughout his life. He is just going to be so much fun to be around.

Winter storm day five. The kids were at daycare again but they opened late and closed early. I drove the car around to pick them up and the streets were slick.

P365 DAY 352 – DECEMBER 18TH 2008

Day four and the snow is starting to stick. Daycare was open today so I was able to get a little work done. Kei even managed to make his way into the office by bus but I wasn’t willing to risk the chance of getting stuck at the office if we had more snow and ice.

Thomas had a chance to enjoy a little bit of snow at daycare and they were able to scrape together enough snow to build a snowman.

I do miss going into the office. I don’t have to go in EVERY day, just once a week or so. I miss the human contact and my twin monitors.