P365 DAY 336 – DECEMBER 2nd 2008

Kei usually puts Thomas to bed at night while I look after Samuel and, honestly, I think putting him to bed is a skill. This kid has become so manipulative. I used to be able to stop him at three books but the other night he managed to stretch that to five (pleeeeease). Then he asked for some water, had a bad dream and at one point stood at his door and said it was time to get up and he just wanted to have some “quiet time” in the playroom. Time I started putting him to bed: 7:00. Time he finally went to sleep: 9:15.

P365 DAY 335 – DECEMBER 1ST 2008

Samuel has not been sleeping well. It’s probably too much information, but the poor kid has been a little backed up. His tummy has been hurting him at night and I finally got tired of walking up the stairs to soothe him every 10 minutes so I lay him down on a blanket on the floor. Perfect opportunity to take some photos of him while he’s sleeping.