P365 DAY 343 – DECEMBER 9TH 2008

Our tree is up. We stopped short of putting lights up on the house, but at least our living room is looking festive.

I didn’t buy any new ornaments this year, but I think I like the less-is-more approach. This tree is about a foot taller than the one we had last year. The only thing missing? Something for the top. May have to check out the post-Christmas sales for a star or angel so the tree is topped off nicely next year.

Of course I didn’t forget the candles. I really should light candles more often. I used to burn candles all the time and I really miss it.

Thomas helped me put up the decorations. He’s very good at following directions like “move your head a little that way so I can get more light on your face while you’re pretending to hang the ornament. It makes a better photo” 🙂

And there I am – look VERY closely.

Here are the stockings my Mum made for the boys. I bought some good stocking holders this year. They’re very simple, but safe. I looked at some really beautiful holders at Pottery Barn but they were so heavy that I was scared one of the kids would pull it down on their head. They were also a lot more expensive.

Oh, and here’s some validation from an anonymous observer. I found this little message written on our path the morning after we set up the tree. I guess it looks pretty through the window.

P365 DAY 342 – DECEMBER 8TH 2008

Thomas is so into Santa this year. I bought he and Samuel a Santa hat each and Thomas has barely taken it off his head since. Oh, and see those cute pajamas he’s wearing? He has barely worn them since I bought them about a year ago. The reason he wears them now? Because they have buttons like Santa’s outfit, and if it’s good enough for Santa…