P365 DAY 331 – NOVEMBER 27th 2008

This year we were invited to spend Thanksgiving with our friends Jen and Corey. I like to call it an orphan Thanksgiving where the Ishidas were adopted for a day. Jen’s parents were also there along with Jen and Corey’s two boys – three year old Riley and three month old Colin.

Jen cooked the turkey perfectly and Corey made the sides. I was asked to bring a green salad and I made sure it was a GREAT salad. We also had some cranberries from our organics delivery so I made fresh cranberry sauce for the very first time. My contribution was small but memorable.

It was wonderfully relaxing and a great opportunity to catch up with some friends that we usually see only in large groups amongst the noise and chaos of about 10 kids. It was also very dark which is why I was only able to get one or two photos – including this rather sweet one of Jen’s mother with her newest grandchild.

P365 DAY 330 – NOVEMBER 26th 2008

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving was such a beautiful day. Kei and I took the kids for a walk to a local coffee shop to…welll…grab coffee. Oh, and a muffin. That was how we managed to get Thomas out of the house – the promise of a muffin. The best thing about this particular coffee shop though is that they have little itty bitty mini muffins. Perfect when you promise the muffin but don’t want to deliver on the sugar.

Of course Samuel was there too, in his bear hat that threatens to suffocate him when it turns to the side. Seriously – look at those big fluffy ear flaps. This hat is worn under supervision only.

And this is Fred. Our local coffee shop has it’s own local dog. I love our neighbourhood.