P365 DAY 348 – DECEMBER 14TH 2008

Getting ready to head out into the cold. This week has been the Artic Blast of 2008. It’s all we hear about on the news and the city has pretty much come to a standstill. The hardest part for me has been rugging the kids up everytime we step out the frint door. It takes me long enough to get them ready for daycare as it is without having to find gloves and hats and get a fleece body suit onto a wriggly seven month old.

I was all ready to go to work one day this week – got showered dressed, lunches made, computer packed up and all ready to drive down the freeway. I got the kids int he car, drove about 100 meters and the car slide a little. Took a corner and the car slid a little mroe. I made it the three blocks to daycare before deciding that I would just head straight home. I have worked from home the entire week and next week looks like more of the same. I did make it to the grocery store on Friday which is a good thing because we’ve had a lot more snow today. More photos from that little adventure later in the week.

Oh, and this is how Kei decided to take advantage of the situation. I ducked just in time. More to save my camera than myself.

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