I am torn. I don’t know whether to be appalled that Thomas is so influenced by TV characters or grateful. The latest example is his sudden desire to wear jeans. Thomas has many pairs of jeans in his dresser, most of which are unworn. These are cute jeans. Gymboree Jeans. But the problem until recently is that Jeans do not fall under the category of “Soft Pants”.

Soft pants is code for anything in the sweat pant family. Not all sweat pants mind you, only those that are genuinely soft. Soft on the inside? No good. They have to be soft on the inside AND outside. This has not been a problem as far as daycare is concerned – sweat pants are perfect for daycare – but we go to a party or somewhere nice and the battle over attire becomes a problem. (One small success was the “party pants” trick. “You have to wear your party pants!” said with enthusiasm worked for about four birthday parties last summer).

So why the sudden change? A newly rediscovered love of Blues Clues. Yes, Steve wears jeans so suddenly it’s OK to wear jeans and I am ecstatic. I was beginning to hope that Samuel would be obsessed with wearing jeans just so they would have some use in the distant future. But no, Steve saved the jeans and suddenly it seems as though we may be able to put together a party outfit without a tantrum.

Oh one more thing… Steve wears striped shirts. Anyone know where I can purchase a large supply of cute striped shirts?

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