Creative Ventures

I have been feeling very creative lately when it comes to scrapping. I seriously think it’s all about Jen Wilson’s challenges. They just inspire me to write my feelings down on paper, even though I’ve been more focused on photography more than ever.

And speaking of photography – did I mention I have my first paid photo gig this coming Saturday? Eeeck! I’m taking photos of my friend’s family but I am still incredibly nervous. I just hope the Portland weather is kind to me. Of course I will give her a full refund if it doesn’t work out, but I’m really hoping I get at least 20 good photos. She has two adorable children – they’re nearly the same age as my kids, both boys and part Asian. I really couldn’t ask for a more comfortable setting for my first shoot but the paid part of it adds some pressure.

Back to the scrapping. Here are some of my latest pages. Click on images for a closer view and credits.

This is my absolute favourite.

And a girly one for fun