This is Samuel’s favourite position. It seemed that as soon as he learned how to crawl, all he wanted to do is stand. When Samuel is not crawling all over the house trying to find new cords to chew or dust bunnies to eat, you can find him in the living room standing up by the ottoman and occasionally trying to move over to the couch. Instead of relaxing in the bath, he chooses to stand and hold onto the edge (and possibly risk injury in the process).

I know this kid is going to be walking in no time and he’s not even nine months old. Lord help me.


The cheese face is back. And here begins the problem with photographing toddlers – wanting something candid and fun, but getting something forced and, in this case, as trade for a little TV watching. As soon as Thomas realizes how important it is to me to take his photo, I will be in trouble. I anticipate a lot of bribes and promises in my future.