Now that Thomas is three he has started becoming a real boy. As much as I have tried to (gently) discourage it, he is into wrestling and fighting and pirates and anything requiring loud noises. Buzz and Woody are in a perpetual war with Zurg (you’ll have to look that one up) and poor Slinky Dog is going to be stretched beyond recognition if he continues to act as a bungy cord. And thanks to a new interest in matchbox cars, I get a nervous tic every time I hear the sound of metal on hardwood floors.

I dream of dolls and pretty pink, soft things that are quiet and dainty.

I’m learning to deal with it.


I thought the red chairs deserved a post of their own. Isn’t this one pretty? We have both red chairs in the study right now but I may have to change that when (if) we manage to clear the upstairs landing of painting supplies.

Oh, and did I mention the chairs were free? I am all about cheap – or free – decorating these days.