It’s worth it for the cheap furniture – March 22nd, 2009

We took a trip to Ikea last weekend. I love Ikea. I could spend hours there just browsing and imagine myself in rooms with symmetrical furniture and ample storage. Of course my dreams don’t include assembling everything and they definitely don’t include trying to keep track of two children in a crowded cafeteria.

We left for Ikea straight after Samuel woke up from his nap but alas, time disappears in that giant cavernous building and before we knew it, it was 30 minutes past naptime and then 60 minutes past naptime. As we finally went through the checkout Samuel had found a comfortable spot to sleep on Daddy’s shoulder and Thomas curled up in the bottom of the shopping cart. Hey, it’s better than an overtired meltdown.

A Milestone – March 19th, 2009

OK I finally got the photo I was looking for, but I had to work for it. It seems my innocent little boy has finally caught onto the fact the thing in front of my face 75% of the time is actually taking photos. And those photos are important to Mummy which means we should make the process as difficult as possible. It’s a good thing I just started taking photos of other people’s kids. They are definitely more cooperative when it’s a relative stranger behind the camera.

Here are the warm up shots. I have a billion of them.

Rain Rain Go Away – March 17th, 2009

I am so tired of this rain. We’re supposed to be in the midst of Spring Break. I guess it really means a break from Spring because we had one or two sunny days and now we’re back to…well…blah!

And about that umbrella. We bought it because it is yellow but I didn’t really consider how fabulous it is to have a child’s umbrella with see-through panels. It’s genius. Not only is it safer, but it’s perfect for photos thanks to the elimination of dark shadows on the face.

Of course next time I will buy one of those adorable multi-coloured umbrellas that look fabulous in photos, but I am a glass is half full kinda girl.

The Many Faces of Samuel – March 16th, 2009

This kid is so incredibly happy. I have been spending a lot of time with him this week during spring break while I try and juggle time off from daycare with work. Thomas has been alternating between houses for a series of playdates that we organized with other daycare families. 

I take for granted the fact that I had so much alone time with Thomas. It is so nice to have some time to spend with my baby – not that he’s much of a baby anymore. How did he become 10 months old overnight?

A few things I have come to appreciate about Samuel this week:

  • He is just so happy – one look at him and he starts laughing.
  • He can play by himself for short periods of time
  • He will NOT sit down
  • The kid can eat. I don’t know if it’s a growth spurt or his regular daily schedule, but I should really be sending him to daycare with more food. Today he ate a bowl of pasta, two handfuls (adult size) of frozen vegetables (thawed) and an entire banana. And that was just a snack!
  • He loves to wave. As soon as he hears the words goodbye or goodnight, his arms start moving like he wants to take off.
  • His favourite word is not a word – it’s a very loud grunt.
  • He’s the cutest kid in the world. 🙂

Check out the teeth…

Diving In – March 15th, 2009

Thomas recently finished up the latest term of swimming lessons. We were a little concerned at first that he may be out of his depth (haha) without Mummy or Daddy in the pool with him, but by the end of the 8 weeks he was blowing bubbles and putting (most) of his head underwater. I was even able to witness him going down the slide and jumping in. Unfortunately we weren’t able to get Thomas enrolled in the next series of classes because they ran out of room, but we are committed to taking him to the pool more often to make sure he retains his comfort level.

In April Thomas begins little dribblers – that’s 3 year old basketball. Should be interesting…