The Many Faces of Samuel – March 16th, 2009

This kid is so incredibly happy. I have been spending a lot of time with him this week during spring break while I try and juggle time off from daycare with work. Thomas has been alternating between houses for a series of playdates that we organized with other daycare families. 

I take for granted the fact that I had so much alone time with Thomas. It is so nice to have some time to spend with my baby – not that he’s much of a baby anymore. How did he become 10 months old overnight?

A few things I have come to appreciate about Samuel this week:

  • He is just so happy – one look at him and he starts laughing.
  • He can play by himself for short periods of time
  • He will NOT sit down
  • The kid can eat. I don’t know if it’s a growth spurt or his regular daily schedule, but I should really be sending him to daycare with more food. Today he ate a bowl of pasta, two handfuls (adult size) of frozen vegetables (thawed) and an entire banana. And that was just a snack!
  • He loves to wave. As soon as he hears the words goodbye or goodnight, his arms start moving like he wants to take off.
  • His favourite word is not a word – it’s a very loud grunt.
  • He’s the cutest kid in the world. 🙂

Check out the teeth…