Snags – April 20th, 2009

Dusting off the BBQ for the first time this year… and quickly realizing how badly we need a new one…and a yard that we can sit in…and an umbrella…and the list goes on and on. How easy it is to push those things out of your mind when the weather is damp and dreary. Suddenly the sun peeks through the clouds for a couple of blissful days, and these things become urgent. How will we survive all summer without garden furniture and play equipment? How did we survive for the last three years?

Sunday – April 19th, 2009

The beginning of spring. Just a few photos from our adventures last Sunday. And when I say adventures I mean lunch, coffee shop and a walk in the sunshine. And when I say last Sunday, I really mean last, last Sunday because I am so far behind in posting. Hope to catch up this week.

Thomas chose the chocolate cookie with extra chocolate. I wholeheartedly approved.

Coffee Art

This next photo was taken right before the kids were nearly cleaned up by a car turning against a red light. Kei and I were both too stunned to react at the time, but it was very close. It’s probably a good think Kei didn’t have the chance to “react” on the driver.


Taking a couple of days break from the blog while I catch up on a few things. I just returned from a three day trip to San Francisco and I am now catching up on work and life and cleaning and all the other things that I apparently spend time on whithout really thinking about it. And of course there’s a TIVO’d Lost episode calling my name right now.

So I though I’d share a little video that Kei sent me at work today. Samuel was home sick and they decided to test drive the new imac camera. Enjoy the cuteness.

Little Dribblers – April 18th 2009

Thomas has started basketball lessons. I hesitate to say he’s playing basketball because… well… it’s not so much playing as moving around according to instructions. He’s only had two lessons and it’s clear he needs to work on his defensive moves (side to side), dribbling, passing and catching.

One thing is clear though. The kid loves to run.

A Day in The Park: Lyrebird Images Portland, OR Family Photographer

You may recognise the little girl in this photograph. She was a guest at our house during Spring Break. The owner of the fabulous striped tights.

This time I had an opportunity to take photos of the whole family. Mum, Dad and Daughter – again, with the fabulous tights.

I love that she’s trying to hide behind that skinny little pole.

The photos show just how much fun they have together – and how much fun I had photographing them.

Earth – April 14th 2009

Kei and Thomas are planting a veggie garden. I’ve been told they did it just in the nick of time to grow veggies this year. Apparently Portland veggies don’t like to be planted in May.

I’m excited to see what happens, although so far so good. We are just starting to see little green sprouts that may or may not be the top of carrots (Kei was a little fuzzy on exactly where he planted things). I am hoping for some lettuce. Kei and Thomas spread enough seeds to potentially grow…well…about a million. I am hoping for two or three. I’m so low maintenance.