A Day in The Park: Lyrebird Images Portland, OR Family Photographer

You may recognise the little girl in this photograph. She was a guest at our house during Spring Break. The owner of the fabulous striped tights.

This time I had an opportunity to take photos of the whole family. Mum, Dad and Daughter – again, with the fabulous tights.

I love that she’s trying to hide behind that skinny little pole.

The photos show just how much fun they have together – and how much fun I had photographing them.

New Baby – April 15th 2009

Kei is more than a little excited about the newest addition to the family. We have been without a home computer since our old one went kaput about a year and a half ago. And as much as I try to balance Kei’s excitement with my own mellow response, I have to admit that my photos look AMAZING on the enormous screen.