Spring Break Continues – March 27th, 2009

The final day of Spring Break and it was a busy day in the Ishida house. Kei took the day off work to look after our kids and a couple of others – Liam is around the same age as Thomas and Zoe is two weeks older than Samuel. That’s two toddler and two kids. I worked from home so I could help when necessary.

It was a fun, if busy, day. My working at home meant Kei could take some of the kids out while the others were sleeping (bless Samuel for his long naps). It also meant I could practice my photography on someone else’s kids.

I am just so inspired by photography lately and I love the results I am getting with my camera. It helps that I had two adorable kids to practice on. I mean, check out this handsome guy.

And the beautiful eyes on this one.

Samuel was playing a little hard to get. (FYI – I had difficulty coming to terms with the fact that Kei didn’t get Samuel out of his pajamas all day while Zoe was dressed in a cute little outfit).

Oh yeah, and Thomas was there too.

And finally here’s Kei as the Manny (coming soon to a theatre near you).

He gained a lot of credit from the daycare mums for this photo, but he’s been talking about using a nanny to help during the next daycare vacation. I think he has support from some of the other parents as well. It was a busy, but fun week andI didn’t realize looking after other people’s kids could be so much fun, but he may be onto something with the nanny idea.