Work in Progress: Lyrebird Images

My very first photo shoot went wonderfully. It helped that my first clients were an incredibly photogenic family and so easy to shoot. In fact my friend Meaghen had so many great ideas for props and locations that I barely felt like I was working. In fact how could this be called work? It was so much fun.

Here’s a tiny little sneak peek.

I’ve also started up a gallery and account over at Smugmug. It’s a work in process but I’m excited about the possibilities. I can lock down customer galleries with passwords, provide them with permission to download and they can even order prints directly from the site.

Kei and I are going to work on the design and customization to make it pretty. At the moment I am limited to a photo of myself and a brief explanation of the business name. You’ll also notice that my gallery is filled images of very familiar subjects while I work on building out my portfolio with non-family members.

Of course now the cogs are turning with so many ideas for logos and designs for promotional materials and other paraphenalia but I need to remind myself that I am starting slowly. No need to stress myself while I get the ball rolling. I mean who knows how far this will actually go? I had some interest from another couple of friends over the next couple of months, but it may not go any further. I’m hoping it will but I’m not going to actively promote right now, just rely on word of mouth. I do still have a day job after all…

And here is some amazing footage of a Lyrebird and how it mimics its surroundings. It’s definitely worth watching if you have a spare three minutes.¬†