The **** Bag – February 28th, 2009

I thought the obsession with Toy Story would have been over by now, but it’s clearly not. In fact it seems to have taken on new life in the last few weeks, culminating in a new Zurg toy – one with a gun. It’s a toy gun and in the movie it shoots rubber balls but, stil,l I am a little tired of hearing Thomas yell “I’m going to shoot you”.

The toy is one of Thomas’ potty rewards. In a desperate effort to have him poop in the potty (as opposed to the pull up or worse, his underwear) we have been rewarding Thomas with magnets everytime he uses the toilet for um…number two. When he earns enough magnets he gets a toy of his choice. We also have a small incentive bag with cheap little toys that we use on occassion, which I call the potty bag and which Thomas called his “poop bag” at the top of his voice while we were choosing $1 reward items at target. It was one of my finer moments as a parent.

This little adventure is likely going to end up costing us a little more money and probably a few more embarrasing moments but we are going to get there if it kills me. I know people have opinions about using rewards but frankly it’s working for Thomas and I am hopeful that it will continue long after the rewards run out.

…and then I’ll start the adventure all over again with Samuel.