I’m still practicing the manual mode on my camera and it’s very frustrating. There’s quite a learning curve and I haven’t yet experienced that click that people talk about when they just get it.

So this was one of a bunch of bad photos but for some reason it speaks to me. I like that Kei is the central point of the photo and I like the stairs in the foreground. The only thing I hate is the 6 or 7 photos I missed because I didn’t have the camera on the right settings. But I hear it’s all about practice…


We’ve been experiencing just a teeny tiny little bit of Spring over the past couple of weeks and I am loving it. I don’t know what it is about a little bit of sunshine that makes me feel so invigorated. Almost like I want to spring clean the house – almost.

Speaking of weather, have to feel for my poor family back in Australia who are suffering through an incredibly hot summer. 10 days over 40 degrees (104F) and even a day of 45 (114F).