Everyone is talking abut saving money right now and we are no different. Not that our situation has changed because of the economy, it’s the additional child and daycare costs that are killing us. Oh, and the little addition we did to our house.

One of my big efforts to save money? Borrowing library books instead of buying books. This is big for me. There’s something about library books that is a little gross. I think about all the people who’ve touched them and every now and then you find a crusty piece of leftover food between the pages. And then you get those books that smell for no reason. And don’t get me started on the downside of children’s books…

The other problem is that you have to wait for new releases. I think I was hold #118 on three copies at one stage. I suppose I will get that book around Christmas time. Or four hold books will come in at once and then I have to try and read them all in the three weeks I have them. And I can’t renew because 118 people still have holds on the same book.

Yes, there are many downsides, but I am making the effort to save $15 here and $25 there. I think my obsession with children’s book will continue though. They’re keepsakes.

And if worse comes to worse I’ll just have to start the Twilight series again.


My mum bought these slippers for Thomas while we were in Australia. For a while they played second fiddle to the Faux Uggs that were a gift from my Aunt, but they have recently become the clear favourite. I think Thomas’ feet were getting hot in those Uggs and besides, now he’s not pretending to be Santa anymore so the footwear is not as important. Seriously – the clothing obsessions are a concern. I think his Wiggles singlet is close to disintegration.