Another couple of inches of snow, but thankfully this time it only lasted a few hours before it melted. Now that’s the type of snow I can handle – enough to take some fun photos and not too much that it becomes an enormous pain.

Thomas guided us through the park with the help of his treasure map.

Kei was getting some things done around the house so I carried Samuel in the backpack. Check out those laugh lines. It’s a sign of deep wisdom, not mid thirties.

The backpack freed up my hands to take more photos – including this one of a teeny tiny bit of spring. It gives me hope that warm weather is on the way.

Of course this gets me right back where we started – winter.

And then I played around with reflections in water – something I was inspired to do after my photography class. Did you know that water reflections are two stops darker that the actual light source? No, me either. I have to refer to my notes to remember exactly what that means.

And this one’s my favourite.

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