The Red Chair – January 22nd 2009

This funky red chair was once a prop for a big Nike event. I inherited from a friend/vendor who does a lot of work for the company. He had about 20 of these chairs in various colours (red, blue, grey) in his studio and offered me a couple. And who am I to say no to a couple of funky red chairs? They’re very cool and retro and now have a place in our study, although I may move at least one of them to our upstairs landing when we eventually move the paint supplies back to the basement. (Painting, sigh!)

I also though they would make a good photo prop but apparent wriggly 8 month olds aren’t very eager to just sit in a red chair while their photo is taken. Kei questioned my parenting choice when I sat him there and then tried to back up to take a photo. Fair enough too. Our hardwood floors are unforgiving.

Instead Thomas sat with Samuel and tried to hold him in position while I proceeded to take a number of blurry photos. This is the best of the bunch.

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