Top 8 of 2008

Last year I chose my top seven photos of 2007 and I though I would continue the tradition to close off 2008. It’s difficult to choose just eight photos but it was a fun process looking back over the past year and I finally managed to narrow it down.

My very first photo of the year and still one of my favourites.

Love the colour in this one and I how I got the composition just right – and completely by accident.

A quick self portrait.

I just love the emotion that comes from this image. A great reminder from one of our many days at the zoo this year.

This one looks like an album cover – appropriate since we were attending a concert (Ok, it was the Wiggles but still…)

And of course the big addition to our family in 2008.

Our trip home to Australia

And this one – my all time favourite. I used it for the cover of my scrapbook for the year.

I could have included so many more, like this one for example.

But that would be cheating. 😉