P365: The Adventure Continues…

New Years Eve 2008 – and the last post in my photo a day journey for the year. I have been thinking about how I am going to continue this project in 2009. I love the fact that I have a record of every day from the past year and that my family is able to read about our daily adventures over the other side of the world. I love the fact that I have made an effort to take out my camera each day and record our lives. And even on those days when I don’t think I have a photo to take, I have always found a subject.

In 2009 I will continue this project but will be make some changes.

  • No more numbering the days – the date will be enough and sometimes even just a title. (I ended up with 365 days instead of 366 somehow anyway). 
  • If I have more than one photo for each day I will post more than one photo. I started doing this toward the end of the project and found it much more rewarding.
  • I will continue to tell stories with the photos but won’t be afraid to post photos alone if that’s all I need for that day.
  • I will take more photos of “things” and more self portraits. Although I’m sure the boys will continue to be the main source of inspiration.

So there you have it. This project is just too valuable to give up. In fact I’m afriad that if I stop I will lose the motivation to continue with my photos and stories.

My goal this year is also to learn how to use my camera prperly, starting with a photography weekend course in January. Can’t wait.