For the Ishida’s, a new year means a year without renovations. Which also means that we now have no excuse not to invite people over to our house. Sure, some of the trim is still not painted, we have big patches of plaster on the dining room walls, and we desperately need to update some of our accent furnishings (really must do something about the stuffing falling out of the cushions), but I have to let go of all of that and embrace the house as it is.

Last weekend had us entertaining on Saturday AND Sunday – wow! Actually I find it easier because then I can clean once and get two visits out of it (hee hee!). Our friends Tim and Laurie came over on Sunday with their two gorgeous children. “M” loves the camera so I have plenty of photos of her, but the boys were moving a little too fast for me to catch them. Here’s what I managed to shoot.