The gift – JANUARY 6TH 2009

Santa purchased presents for Thomas months before Christmas – way back in August. So of course he didn’t really know what Thomas wanted for Christmas. Until December when Santa met Thomas and he clearly said he wanted Slinky dog for Christmas. And then he repeated that wish over and over and over again.

So it was clear that if Thomas was a good boy then Santa should bring him Slinky Dog. And Santa definitely planned to get a Slinky Dog for Thomas in time for a Christmas delivery. On Christmas eve Thomas reinforced his excitement about Santa’s imminent arrival as well as that of his very own slinky dog.

Unfortunately a winter snowstorm in Portland and a sudden rush on slinky dogs in city made that goal difficult to achieve. So Thomas woke up on Christmas morning to a letter from Santa with a picture of slinky dog, saying that the elves were disorganized this year and a special package was due to arrive in a couple of weeks.

Finally that package from Santa arrived and Slinky Dog meets all expectations. The only problem is that Samuel likes it just as much as Thomas. We have witnessed the early onset of sibling rivalry.