Enough Already – January 2nd 2009

It’s snowing again as I type this. Seriously. Yes, it’s beautiful and fun and all that and I’m sure there is someone living right near the equator somewhere who wishes they had just one cold snowy day they could enjoy, but I am now officially over it.

Not that you would know from these photos. We had some fun walking around in the snow on Saturday. And I have to admit that it was just the right amount of snow. Not so much that it would prevent us from driving or walking, and just enough that it looked pretty and we could scrape together enough to build a decent snowman (well Thomas and Kei did anyway. I am not really into getting my hands cold and wet).

I collected the acorn pods for the eyes.

And of course took a LOT of photos.

And dodged flying snowballs

The light was also very good – nice and soft and not too grey. Is it weird that I now take notice of the light everywhere we go?

And the melting snow also made for lots of puddles to jump in.

And just take a casual stroll through.

I even managed to get a family portrait to help fulfill my 2009 goal to take more photos of myself.