He’s officially crawling. Over the weekend Samuel went from dragging himself around on his elbows, to complete hands and knees crawling across the room.

And what have we discovered from Samuel’s newly discovered mobility? He LOVES paper. If there is paper anywhere in the room he will find it and either put it in his mouth or rip it to shreds. He also has an uncanny ability to spot the nearest outlet or power cord and head straight toward it, even if it’s hidden behind a piece of furniture.

I think we were spoiled with Thomas. He was never interested in power outlets or other items that could injure him. In fact we didn’t even bother covering most of the outlets until a couple of months ago when we moved back upstairs. It seems Samuel is going to keep us on our toes. Now that he’s moving and pulling himself up to stand, I have an urge to created a padded living room.