I attended a two day photography class on the weekend and my head is ready to explode with the information I absorbed in just 16 hours. It felt good to get back to the basics and learn about just what my camera can do (turning down the flash – brilliant).

The downside is that now I am back to square one. I CAN’T use auto mode anymore. I have to move forward. Which means a lot of very bad photos while I learn to take good ones. The photo above was one of my first photos with my new knowledge of the reduced strength flash.

And that thing he’s carrying? That was Kei and Thomas’ project while I was at my course. Kei wanted a helmet and I imagined I would return home to some sort of knight’s helmet or a firefighter’s helmet. Instead I was greeted by Ned – Ned Kelly, that is.

Very impressive work. Kei is now officially in charge of all art projects.

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