P365 DAY 365 – DECEMBER 31st 2008

New Years Eve – just like any other day. Thomas made banana soup in his new kitchen and proceeded to feed it Samuel. Seriously – that kid will try to eat anything.

I hung out with the boys for a while until they both napped for three hours (at the same time!) during which I cleaned up the house.

And then we joined our friends Corey and Jen to check out the Christmas lights at the Portland International Raceway. A little disappointing but at least we can say we’ve done it now. I managed to take a bunch of blurry unimpressive photos.

We then ended up back at our house for a dinner of lasagne and a glass of champagne before Jen and Corey headed home and Kei and settled in to watch the Extra special season finale of Extras. We both managed to stay up until midnight to watch the ball drop and then went to bed. Party animals.

Happy 2009!

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