Someone’s Got A Case of The Mondays

Too many things on my plate today for a meaningful post so I’ll just share a few recent instagram pics from my new Tumblr account. I set up the account so I could easily share these pics through Facebook and Twitter – and keep them all in one place. It’s so convenient and easy to use and I’m hoping it inspires me to take more photos with my phone. I have been on a bit of a photography dry spell lately and I need something to get me out of this creative rut.

  1. Samuel (and his football) greeting me at the daycare fence.
  2. Window shopping on Mississippi
  3. Beautiful blue skies in Portland
  4. Ice covered car window in Bellevue
  5. Cool office lighting
  6. A storm descending on Seattle
  7. Sunset
  8. The blue tongue ring pop side effect
  9. Snow day humor in Bellevue

Here’s to a sunnier outlook for the rest of the week – literally and figuratively (apart from my dentist appointment on Wednesday – two fillings, ugh!).

P.S. I started this post a couple of hours ago and, since then, have had the opportunity to celebrate a little award (Best Interview Video) I won for a work video I produced last year. Cheers to that!

One comment

  1. Congratulations, Nicole, you make your parents proud!!! (Had trouble accessing video etc. so didn’t actually get to see it, but would love to if you can fix it up).


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