Today’s Photo of Action Figures Saying “Please”

We skipped swimming lessons on Saturday morning so Thomas could recover from a cold. Instead, we stayed inside all day while the rain bucketed down outside between short bursts of sunshine. Good thing the boys decided to play well together which likely saved my sanity.

At one point, Samuel asked me to help him build a “house”. He put down the floor and I helped a little with the walls before Thomas jumped in with ideas for a roof and other architectural details. (Wooden blocks = best TOY ever)

Then I noticed that they started lining up their assorted action figures.

(Side note on action figures. It seems we started with one or two and now have an army of Wookies, Jedis, Stormtroopers, Ninjas, a full set of Wiggles and, of course, a wide variety of Superheroes. I’m not sure how they multiplied so quickly.)

Of course, I was curious. Was this a line for weapons? Wise words from Yoda? Some secret Star Wars/Superhero clubhouse?

No, this was a line for the Popcorn stand. Fantastic!

And as each action figure asked for, and received, their popcorn (using “please”), they would be moved out of the way and the other figures would move forward one space in the line.

It was a tedious process but no one left empty handed. I had no idea popcorn was so popular with the small and plastic.