On this Tuesday (one that feels like it really should be Friday)

Can’t stop looking at... this favorite photo from our beach trip. I have always wanted to spend a stormy weekend at the coast and, judging by this picture, I got my wish.

Unashamedly enjoying…

Oh how I love Glee. This show takes me back to that very special time when I thought I could sing and enjoyed a split second of fame as I sang a solo piece as “Bet” in my high school production of Oliver. There’s a teeny tiny little part of me that still wonders what if…

Oh, and “To Sir With Love” is one of my favorite movies. Genius!

Way too excited about…
Toy Story 3

We’re looking forward to our very first all-family movie night/day. I think I may be more excited than the kids.

Putting my order in…

I have waited far too long.

And seeing…

Yes, blue skies. Just barely visible through the pile of work that awaits me at work tomorrow.

But I know they’re there.

Good Night.

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