An Everyday Moment

This photo says so much about our lives right now.

  1. The hat – Samuel is obsessed with them. Actually I suppose it could be called a helmet, which is an even greater obsession
  2. The bike – Samuel would ride his bike everyday if he could – sadly the miserable Portland weather has prevented him from enjoying one of his favorite pass times after daycare. Right now he has to make do with riding this bike inside the house.
  3. The lightsabre – seen in the front basket is a symbol of Thomas’ continuing obsession with all things Jedi. We talked about it from the moment I picked him up from school today until the moment we arrived ┬áhome.
  4. The playroom – Now a LOT cleaner thanks to a thorough cleanup on the weekend. I doubt it will stay that way for long.
  5. The boy – growing up so quickly.