By the Seaside

I just realized that I failed to post more photos of our trip to the Oregon Coast last month. I think I mentioned that it was raining and cold during most of our stay, but we had a fabulous time nonetheless and I believe the sun even came out for a few minutes during our last few hours.

Five families, 10 adults and eight boys under 5.

We stayed in a couple of houses right on the beach – nothing fancy (and about 100 years old), but big enough to hold everyone without driving the parents crazy, and with some amazing views.

There was also a play structure right on the beach that I think Kei enjoyed just as much as the kids.

At times the weather was perfect for flying kites, although a little chilly.

And we found things to keep us occupied when the rain kept us indoors, because when you are stuck with eight boys indoors, it’s VERY important to keep them occupied.

On the final night we gathered around the campfire and cooked up some ‘smores. You could almost say we were camping (although I’m glad we weren’t). Camping or not, my intense fear of children around fires is the same. I spent so much time saying “Don’t go there” and “Keep back!” that I’m surprised I was able to get any shots at all.

Here are a bunch more favourites from the weekend because sometimes you just can’t narrow it down to two or three (or ten…)