A Fascination With Feet

This week’s I ♥ Faces challenge is a special “barefoot” challenge to raise awareness for Souls 4 Souls. Thankfully I have a foot fetish of sorts in that I love taking pictures of feet (I was going to put that in the title but thought it might attract a different type of reader).

Given the weather in Portland lately (yawn, I know!), we have experienced many bare feet around here. In fact, our recent trip to the coast was more gumboot weather than bare foot weather.

Exhibit A:

It was also a little Lord of the Flies. Only one family in our group of six was blessed with girls and they were unable to make it at the last moment due to illness.

That left five families with eight boys between us – not including Dads of course. That’s a lot of testosterone in one location and not a tutu in sight. (Wow, if this post doesn’t attract at least a couple of questionable characters, I’ll be surprised).

I’ll be back with more photos from our mini-vacation soon, but for now I’ll share some more feet just for fun.

And if you get the chance, check out Souls 4 Souls and see how a small act can make a big difference.