Believe it or not, Summer is almost here

So the weather may not exactly scream Summer in Portland right now, but school will still be closing next week. Thomas’ last day of his first year of pre-school is next Tuesday and I am in a little bit of shock over how quickly it’s come, but how much we’ve progressed in such a short time.

Last September was tough – lots of crying and “mummy, I don’t want to stay heeeere….”, but we persevered. This morning as I drove Thomas to school as he talked to me about how much he loved going to school, sang songs to me in Japanese and talked excitedly about how he was going to play Star Wars with his best friend who he insists on referring to by his (very long) full name. He even walked into the classroom by himself without needing me to stand beside him as he answered the question of the day (sort of like a secret password). Thankfully he came running out of the room as I walked away because he’d forgotten to give me a hug. Glad to know he still needs a hug from Mummy.

Thanks to a September birthday, Thomas will be spending another year in pre-school and I am grateful for the extra year of socializing and playing and napping and snacking before the really serious work begins.

As a a farewell to the school year, I share a few of my recent P365 photos taken in the halls of the school that Thomas has come to love.

We catch the elevator every day and, of course, Thomas insists on pressing the buttons. I realize that walking down a flight of stairs would be less lazy but, honestly, this saves us precious time as we turn up late every single day. It’s something we’ll work on next year.

The aforementioned stairs in what is one of the oldest school buildings in our city.

And of course the boy who is growing up way too quickly. It’s a good thing he’s staying in pre-school for one more year. I don’t think I am emotionally ready for a kindergartener.