Outside: P365

A few more photos of my favourite photos from Aus. This is one of my favourites because it so clearly represents how we spent a great deal of our first couple of weeks while we were there – watching the sun dip below the horizon as we sipped wine and watched the children wrestle each other to the ground. The final week was a whirlwind of wedding prep and not quite as relaxing, and this photo doesn’t show the mosquitos that left us scratching our legs for the next few days, but I think it tells a story. A true vacation shot.

By way of introduction, that’s my new sister-in-law Emma looking at the camera. My brother Ben (Emma’s husband) is standing behind her and that’s Danny, one of the best men, standing off to the left and smoking a pipe. Yes, a pipe.

I am primarily a portrait photographer but I like to work on my landscape photography in the hope that I might one day be able to catch the sort of image that I want to hang on my wall (or someone else’s. One can dream). Australia provided me with numerous landscapes to practice my skills. Of course now I have the desire to invest thousands of dollars in prime wide-angle lenses… It’s a side effect of this little obsession.

Taken by the side of the road as the men changed a flat tyre. The sky really is that blue.

Rays from behind the clouds on Easter eve.

A very calm St. Kilda Beach.

One last sunset.

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