The Moon

I took this photo of the full moon shining on the lake during our Aussie visit. Yes, the moon, not the sun. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a moon that big or that bright and I am surprised that it translated so well through the camera lens. I didn’t have a tripod so I sat on the ground, resting my elbows on my legs to try and hold the camera steady. The result was a lot less blurry than I feared and almost as beautiful as the real thing.


Thirty-five. No longer in my early thirties. A whole new survey check box. (35-39? Check.) Past the prime fertility age, but not quite in the Oprah-sanctioned “confident forties”. Right where I thought I would be in some areas of my life (family), not quite there in others (um, would like to be paid more).

Older? Definitely

Wiser? Maybe…

Happier? Most days.

Excited to see what’s next? No doubt.