Dreaming of Sunshine and Warmth

I usually avoid talking about the weather on this blog because, well, I live in Portland, OR and if I started talking about the weather I would likely never stop. Usually the rain doesn’t bother me. I grew up in Melbourne, Australia – a place that has the same reputation for rain and generally crappy weather – so I am used to wet winters.

I have to say, though, that the rain that we are experiencing in Portland right now is starting to get to me. If it wasn’t for the few sunny days that have dragged us temporarily out of the grey drabness, I may have been taken away in a straight jacket days ago.

Thankfully I have memories (and photos) of a warmer climate living on my hard drive. This flashback to our St Kilda beach visit  just a couple of months ago will have to be my sanity-saviour for the time being.

Oh, and also a little TV show called Lost… just two more sleeps! (Sorry about that.)