15 Months

At fifteen months you…

  • Make me laugh every day
  • And for the record, YOU laugh very easily. I hope it remains this easy to snap you out of a bad mood.
  • Have a LOT of teeth – and really enjoyed brushing them for a little while until you realized that it’s more fun to shut your mouth in this little game we call “just try to get that toothbrush in”. All with a grin on your face of course.
  • Are getting faster. You are now officially walking and rarely crawling. I enjoy getting you out of the car, pointing you toward the front door and watching you walk up there all by yourself…
  • …Which is especially important because you are getting very heavy.
  • Love shoes. The shoe rack by the front door has not remained in order for more than 15 minutes in the past few months. You pick them up and carry them around the house, sometimes stopping to give them to me or Daddy or Thomas (and always the appropriate footwear for each). You also like trying them on.
  • Are very cuddly and always carry a blanket around. Monkey is becoming a close friend.
  • Enjoy playing with your brother. You two chase each other around the house, laughing along the way. It is one of my favourite sounds.
  • Love to dance and sing. I catch you humming to yourself sometimes – also one of my favourite sounds.
  • Are banned from holding a stick of any kind (includes drumsticks, chopsticks, stick sticks). It’s just too tempting for you to hit people with them – particularly your big brother. You also like to hit with your hands. We’re working on that.
  • Still eat almost anything and everything although I did catch you spitting out a green been the other day (I fear you have a bad role model in your big brother). Every morning you climb up on the stool your brother sits on at the breakfast table and eat his leftover granola. It’s a little gross (your mother is not a big fan of leftovers), but at least nothing is going to waste.
  • Have quite a dramatic flair, throwing yourself down on the floor when you’re unhappy. It usually takes one quick tickle to get you back to your normal self.
  • Love to blow raspberries – by yourself, on Daddy’s tummy and even Mummy’s arm. It is hilarious.
  • Are great at going down to sleep. Each night at 7pm I take you upstairs, read you a story or two and then put you in your crib. Then you wait until I put a blanket on you (despite 100 degree temperatures you MUST have a blanket), lie down and go straight to sleep. No crying, no fussing.
  • Staying asleep, not so great.
  • Are one of my very favourite people on the planet… and I’m sure I would say that even if you weren’t my baby boy.

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