Lost Lake… A Few Finds

Lost lake was a dream for taking photographs. I adore looking at journalistic-style photography – being able to read a whole story in a look or expression is amazing to me. And, while I may never travel to Africa or Morocco (although I still have hope that one day…), my group of friends have become my own private source of journalistic photography.

Usually when we get together I have only an hour or two to capture some great photos AND actually have a couple of conversations. The great thing about Lost Lake was that I was presented with the gift of an entire weekend.

Here are some of my favourite captured moments from the weekend.

I wish I knew what was so funny.

Surprisingly, I had no concerns sending my child out on a crowded Kayak into the middle of an enormous Lake. Good thing I have photographic proof to remind me of just how relaxed I was on the trip.

Such a natural smile – AND two cute babies. What’s not to love about this photo.

Conversations over breakfast.

Boys with their Daddies.

And more boys with with more Daddies.

And just boys on their own, concentrating deeply on consuming a slice of watermelon.

This one screams American Gothic to me.

And, finally, arguably my favorite shot from the weekend. The shadow off to the side makes me feel like I am peeking into a secret moment. The lighting is beautiful and I caught the shot right before she tried to blow a bubble.


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