Beating the Heat

One of the great things about Portland is the little nooks and crannies – the treasures hidden away in back streets, just waiting to be discovered.

Another great thing is the number of fountains that are dotted all over the city. And, when you are a Portlander, there is nothing that is going to stop you from getting into a fountain on a hot (107 degree!) day in the middle of summer. It’s no luxury swimming pool, but when it’s that hot it will do just as well.

After a day holed up inside the house with two restless children, I was dying for a break. So Thomas, Samuel and I drove into the city to pick up Kei and enjoy one of these hidden fountains near his office.

It wasn’t the safest fountain in the world – lots of different levels, rocky ground and sharp corners – but the out-of-the-way location meant that it was not crowded and Thomas could hear me as I yelled “don’t go there” and “don’t touch that” about thirty times.

Samuel also made my heart race a little when he decided that a rocky ledge in the middle of a large body of water was a great location to practice standing.

He was pretty proud of himself.

But I felt comfortable with Kei in there watching them (I was watching the stroller and my camera bag). Although I forgot to bring his swimsuit so he was forced to roll up his work pants. I tried to explain that the fact that I remembered both children was achievement enough.

But, regardless, they all enjoyed the chance to cool down.

Thankfully I missed seeing the moment when Samuel fell completely under the water. Kei caught him and pulled him out. I was only there for the aftermath.

The kid took it in stride.