It’s been a tough week. A big event at work on Monday meant that the beginning of week felt like it should have been the end of the week and now Thursday feels like December. And now I need to turn my efforts to a big creative project and I feel drained.

For a little pick me up, I went in search of some creative, colourful inspiration.

Mika’s new video for “We Are Golden”. Click here to watch (unfortunately I can’t embed) and just try to stop yourself from dancing around the room in your underwear using a hairbrush for a microphone.

Related note – fabulous album artwork.

Loving this Target ad. I have seen a lot of stop motion videos lately, but this one just has so much colour.

Colours Ad

Speaking of stop motion videos – this is AMAZING.

This book – I have wanted it for SO long and finally purchased it with an Amazon gift certificate. Can’t wait until it arrives (Free Super Saver shipping so should be about three weeks…).

And finally having the change to watch this movie. Coraline and I have a date on Friday night (between catching up on episodes of Weeds, Dexter and Entourage and revisiting Six Feet Under. Thanks Netflix).

Have any great pieces of inspiration you would like to share?