Morning, Noon and Night

I have already mentioned that we went on a quick trip to Lost Lake with friends. I even posted just a few of the hundreds of photos that I took here.

One of the traps of going to such a beautiful location as a photographer, is that it is just so tempting to take hundreds and hundreds of photos of the SAME THING. The view of Mt Hood was incredibly beautiful from the lake that I just couldn’t help myself. It took me many days to narrow it down to a few favourites.

I was up early on Saturday (the kids made sure of that), so I went for a walk and spotted the mountain peeking from behind the trees.

And then when I walked a little further up the path…

The morning reflection in the lake was incredibly beautiful (and the weather was perfect!).

But then I found that as each hour went by, the view of the mountain would change and, of course, I had to capture each moment on camera.

Especially this one with Kei kayaking in the foreground.

And then evening hit. The kids were both in bed (a miracle) and I was able to head back to the lake just in time to capture a few moments as the sun went down.

Under a pink sky.

Then the sky grew darker and I was able to catch this final parting shot before everything went blurry.