Fun with noodles

I know he’s my son and I am most probably biased, but he is seriously the funniest 15 month old that I know. Sometimes he looks at me in a way that makes me realize just how much mischevousness is going on in that little head. I think this child is going to be a trouble maker.

And, for the record, this was a pain in the butt to clean up.

Just enough time for a photo

Life is crazy right now:

  • Mum is visiting for three weeks from Australia
  • Thomas starts pre-school in 3 weeks (gasp!)
  • Samuel will not. stop. moving.
  • Kei is working on a film school project that never seems to end.
  • I am busy with work and also trying to get a few more photography clients (for fun more than anything).

Just enough time to post a few photos – having fun with perspective, textures and actions.

Under-Appreciated Beauty

I have recently come to the realization that I take a lot of photos of weeds. It’s not surprising given they are the most common form of life in our yard. Taking photos of weeds, though, has given me a true appreciation for their beauty.

Sure, they might be prickly and grow, well, like weeds, but I think these poor under-appreciated plants have a unique beauty that is brought into focus with the help of a camera lens (and a little editing).

And, for the record – how do you distiguish a weed and a wildflower? I suspect it’s mostly bad PR.

15 Months

At fifteen months you…

  • Make me laugh every day
  • And for the record, YOU laugh very easily. I hope it remains this easy to snap you out of a bad mood.
  • Have a LOT of teeth – and really enjoyed brushing them for a little while until you realized that it’s more fun to shut your mouth in this little game we call “just try to get that toothbrush in”. All with a grin on your face of course.
  • Are getting faster. You are now officially walking and rarely crawling. I enjoy getting you out of the car, pointing you toward the front door and watching you walk up there all by yourself…
  • …Which is especially important because you are getting very heavy.
  • Love shoes. The shoe rack by the front door has not remained in order for more than 15 minutes in the past few months. You pick them up and carry them around the house, sometimes stopping to give them to me or Daddy or Thomas (and always the appropriate footwear for each). You also like trying them on.
  • Are very cuddly and always carry a blanket around. Monkey is becoming a close friend.
  • Enjoy playing with your brother. You two chase each other around the house, laughing along the way. It is one of my favourite sounds.
  • Love to dance and sing. I catch you humming to yourself sometimes – also one of my favourite sounds.
  • Are banned from holding a stick of any kind (includes drumsticks, chopsticks, stick sticks). It’s just too tempting for you to hit people with them – particularly your big brother. You also like to hit with your hands. We’re working on that.
  • Still eat almost anything and everything although I did catch you spitting out a green been the other day (I fear you have a bad role model in your big brother). Every morning you climb up on the stool your brother sits on at the breakfast table and eat his leftover granola. It’s a little gross (your mother is not a big fan of leftovers), but at least nothing is going to waste.
  • Have quite a dramatic flair, throwing yourself down on the floor when you’re unhappy. It usually takes one quick tickle to get you back to your normal self.
  • Love to blow raspberries – by yourself, on Daddy’s tummy and even Mummy’s arm. It is hilarious.
  • Are great at going down to sleep. Each night at 7pm I take you upstairs, read you a story or two and then put you in your crib. Then you wait until I put a blanket on you (despite 100 degree temperatures you MUST have a blanket), lie down and go straight to sleep. No crying, no fussing.
  • Staying asleep, not so great.
  • Are one of my very favourite people on the planet… and I’m sure I would say that even if you weren’t my baby boy.

Lost Lake… A Few Finds

Lost lake was a dream for taking photographs. I adore looking at journalistic-style photography – being able to read a whole story in a look or expression is amazing to me. And, while I may never travel to Africa or Morocco (although I still have hope that one day…), my group of friends have become my own private source of journalistic photography.

Usually when we get together I have only an hour or two to capture some great photos AND actually have a couple of conversations. The great thing about Lost Lake was that I was presented with the gift of an entire weekend.

Here are some of my favourite captured moments from the weekend.

I wish I knew what was so funny.

Surprisingly, I had no concerns sending my child out on a crowded Kayak into the middle of an enormous Lake. Good thing I have photographic proof to remind me of just how relaxed I was on the trip.

Such a natural smile – AND two cute babies. What’s not to love about this photo.

Conversations over breakfast.

Boys with their Daddies.

And more boys with with more Daddies.

And just boys on their own, concentrating deeply on consuming a slice of watermelon.

This one screams American Gothic to me.

And, finally, arguably my favorite shot from the weekend. The shadow off to the side makes me feel like I am peeking into a secret moment. The lighting is beautiful and I caught the shot right before she tried to blow a bubble.


Happy Weekend

Looking forward to a busy weekend filled with birthday parties and baseball games and, if I can manage it, some painting (house, not artistic). cleaning out closets and getting a start on cleaning this house (Mum arrives next week).

I am also feeling very inspired to take some photos so I may have to see if I can squeeze that in as well.

Oh… and I’ll be chasing around this little walker. He is getting very fast and adventurous – a dangerous combination.

Fan – Such a Strange Word

I associate the word fan with the 13 year old girls who stand outside movie premiers, screaming and crying in the hope of catching a glimpse of Robert Pattison (and, for the record, I don’t understand the attraction).

However, word on the street is that anyone can now become a “fan” of Lyrebird Images thanks to that wonderful, magical place called Facebook.

Lyrebird Images

Click here to visit.

Note: We have a strict no screaming or crying policy, although virtual boquets of flowers will be accepted (just no underwear thrown at the computer screen – now THAT would be embarrasing).

Beating the Heat

One of the great things about Portland is the little nooks and crannies – the treasures hidden away in back streets, just waiting to be discovered.

Another great thing is the number of fountains that are dotted all over the city. And, when you are a Portlander, there is nothing that is going to stop you from getting into a fountain on a hot (107 degree!) day in the middle of summer. It’s no luxury swimming pool, but when it’s that hot it will do just as well.

After a day holed up inside the house with two restless children, I was dying for a break. So Thomas, Samuel and I drove into the city to pick up Kei and enjoy one of these hidden fountains near his office.

It wasn’t the safest fountain in the world – lots of different levels, rocky ground and sharp corners – but the out-of-the-way location meant that it was not crowded and Thomas could hear me as I yelled “don’t go there” and “don’t touch that” about thirty times.

Samuel also made my heart race a little when he decided that a rocky ledge in the middle of a large body of water was a great location to practice standing.

He was pretty proud of himself.

But I felt comfortable with Kei in there watching them (I was watching the stroller and my camera bag). Although I forgot to bring his swimsuit so he was forced to roll up his work pants. I tried to explain that the fact that I remembered both children was achievement enough.

But, regardless, they all enjoyed the chance to cool down.

Thankfully I missed seeing the moment when Samuel fell completely under the water. Kei caught him and pulled him out. I was only there for the aftermath.

The kid took it in stride.

Morning, Noon and Night

I have already mentioned that we went on a quick trip to Lost Lake with friends. I even posted just a few of the hundreds of photos that I took here.

One of the traps of going to such a beautiful location as a photographer, is that it is just so tempting to take hundreds and hundreds of photos of the SAME THING. The view of Mt Hood was incredibly beautiful from the lake that I just couldn’t help myself. It took me many days to narrow it down to a few favourites.

I was up early on Saturday (the kids made sure of that), so I went for a walk and spotted the mountain peeking from behind the trees.

And then when I walked a little further up the path…

The morning reflection in the lake was incredibly beautiful (and the weather was perfect!).

But then I found that as each hour went by, the view of the mountain would change and, of course, I had to capture each moment on camera.

Especially this one with Kei kayaking in the foreground.

And then evening hit. The kids were both in bed (a miracle) and I was able to head back to the lake just in time to capture a few moments as the sun went down.

Under a pink sky.

Then the sky grew darker and I was able to catch this final parting shot before everything went blurry.