Fun with Friends – March 7th, 2009

Two nights out in a row – wow. Saturday night was dinner at the Halters. The perfect opportunity to catch up with quite possibly the first friends we made in Portland. We don’t get together much but when we do it’s a chat fest as we try and catch up on everything that has been going on in each others’ lives.

I didn’t take many photos and of course the few I did take were of the kids. How could I not get a photo of those gorgeous big eyes. They’re hard to miss.

And this one who looks so much like a boy when I look at this photo, but who will always look like a baby in my head. I am having a hard time as the three year olds begin looking less like toddlers and more like boys and girls.

These two found themselves at the same level – literally. I think Samuel enjoyed being around someone else likes to crawl.

And these two had a great time together. They played and shared and ran around – and of course bonded over a mutual love of television. We really should get these two together more often.

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